• http://www.cpcsearch.com Terry Whalen

    Thanks, Kelly. Another navigation feature I miss is the ability to sort ad groups [by spend, for example] and then – by clicking on the ‘Next’ button – move to the next ad group according to how you sorted them. This was especially useful when doing ad optimization – you could move from the most important ad groups with the most data in them to the less important ad groups. It would be great if they brought this back!

    It would also be really nice to be able to look at data day-by-day or week-by-week within the main management interface – you could have simple ‘forward’ and ‘back’ buttons located next to the date range drop-down which would go forward or back the unit of time that is being displayed. Does this make sense to folks? In other words, let’s say you think it’s important to look at the last 3 days of data. Once you select the last 3 days using the ‘custom dates’ feature, you could then be able to look at previous 3-day periods by clicking 1 button (in this case a ‘back’ button). This might cut down on the number of reports needed to troubleshoot things or see certain trends, and it could save time.

    Some other ideas for discussion:
    — Keyword tool – bring back ‘in campaign’ to kw tool so user does not have to cross-check whether kw is already in campaign
    — Reports – default sort should be ‘largest to smallest’ in reports, as it is in campaign mgmt interface
    — Reports – have reports automatically open (in new tab) when finished running
    — Data – option to include columns for total value and ROAS
    — Reports – have report filter include same functionality as AE (e.g. keywords containing the word ‘flash’, by month)
    — Ads – ability to mouse over specific ads to show when the ad was made active
    — Reports – ability to un-select ‘ad id’ when running reports (or be able to hide the column)
    — Reports – ability to filter for certain campaigns, while not having to have a ‘campaigns’ column in the report – so the user does not have to do pivot in Excel to bring everything together


  • reklame

    Great article, thanks Kelly!

    What I miss within the search query report “on demand” is an option to choose another adgroup to add the selected keywords to. I often create adgroups with only one keyword and put (not so) related keywords to other or new adgroups (as often some phrases of the search query reports wouldn’t fit).

    And then there is obviously a bug – I cannot view videoads anymore. Image ads can be pre-viewed, but there is no preview-link for videoads. So it is not possible to manage videoads in the new interface.