• http://www.enovabiz.in E.B.

    If FB brings out some cool features to counter Google+ soon then it may not be that easy for Google to upstage FB. Orkut used to be very popular in India but then facebook came along and now Orkut is dying a very slow & painful death here. What matters is how FB keeps intact its coolness quotient.

    On the other hand, Internet marketing industry is always looking out for new avenues for marketing. If they find Google+ better for their business, they may desert FB. What will follow is terrible hype & noise and soon Google+ may become more popular

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    Agree that if Facebook matches features and addresses complaints it will take some wind out of G+’s sails.

  • http://rick.ly/oyZs8u Rick Bucich

    I think generally no, but it does represent a demand for a significant social platform from Google specifically. Anyone who has been a user for an extended period of time could see the bits and pieces of a social platform which were never tied together…we’re seeing that now. And, there are yet many other pieces still to bolt on.

  • http://riccardowd.tumblr.com Riccardo Angius

    Regarding hipsters and the “cool people”: google+ looks intuitive and hip with respect to FB which currently is indeed user-friendly, but still feels a bit too much like management software.

    Look at Tumblr: they don’t have the best platform ever, yet a beautiful and well-thought front-end has managed to land them a huge userbase.

  • http://www.erocket.co.uk Dave Fowler

    I get the impression that many people have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, so it will be interesting to see how this little battle plays out. The buzz around G+ will surely force Facebook to start showing a little more flexibility and to become more user-friendly, as well as leading to further innovation from both players, and faster. All of which can only be a good thing; near-monopolies are never ideal for end-users.

  • http://www.thesocialmediahandyman.com Paul Chaney

    What will matter is if Facebook loses the hearts and minds of people like my wife, my sister and my mother…and brands, of course, since they pay the bills. Whether folks like Scoble and others tend to leave, I’m not sure that will have much effect at this stage. Regardless, some social anthropologist should study the growth of G+ for the next few years and determine the dynamics behind it. Perhaps a pattern inspired by the “cool kids” would be revealed.

  • http://www.i-com.net/ Keir Gibson

    I’m not blown away by it, and if I am honest I believe this hype is 50% surprise that Google has managed to impress us with something social. Some people I have talked to are very anti Facebook and this is where there love for Google+ has stemmed from.

    In my opinion it is a waiting game, we have to see what is rolled out, how many people use it and what the impact it is going to have on your life, because Facebook has had an impact on people’s the day to day activity.

    If this had been brought out a year or two ago, when Facebook didn’t have as much negativity around it because of its privacy issues etc then I don’t believe that there would be a demand so yes I agree, to a degree, that it is based on a pent up demand.

  • http://www.hyperspacetravelagency.com Kris Schumacher

    I’m not sure if Google+ will really take off or not, but I think the “Cool Kids” have already left Facebook. Just look at Tumblr’s growth rate to see where they’re going. Also, of Facebook’s millions of “active” members, how active are they, really? In my experience people typically use it heavily for a few months and than taper off so that they’re not using it much at all except for a quick check-in. I really don’t see this type of social networking being the major place for brand interactions in the future, as it will likely evolve into something which makes more sense for everyone that we haven’t even seen yet, or it will continue to fragment into more relevant niches. IMHO it’s all somewhat over-hyped.

  • http://www.omnieon.com K.J.

    It is nice to see that Facebook finally has a legitimate rival. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

  • http://www.southerncargopackers.in Radha

    I love facebook and its a user friendly social site.Google just copied fb with some extra added feature like hangouts and circles.Nothing much.