• cassowary

    hey Daany,
    i believe you might have made a mistake regarding search volumes for:
    romney can win
    romney can’t win
    you triggered the search for broad match on Google’s KW tool.
    if you would have triggered an [exact] match search you would have found out that
    romney can win <10 monthly searches
    romney can't win 16 monthly searches
    what would explain Google's suggestions….


  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Thanks, Cassowary. I had entered the terms into the box with quotes but didn’t see that this was still pulling in related terms — felt like it should be pretty exact.

  • http://boastingbiz.com/ Donnie Strompf

    This is very interesting. Maybe Google is an Obama fan. I think Romney needs to work on his reputation management, and reputation ;p

  • http://boastingbiz.com/ Donnie Strompf