• http://twitter.com/jasonlehmbeck Jason Lehmbeck

    Definitely agree that the”one-upping” approach leaves a lot of innovation on the table. That said, the report seems to be missing coverage of players in the market actually delivering next gen tools. There is a lot of exciting technology being developed to “significantly boost the effectiveness of search advertising campaigns.” Do you know if Forrester is planning to review tools beyond the core bid platform players?

  • Jason Lowry

    Continued innovation is a common problem with companies as they mature. They continue to focus on refining the technology that got them where they are (or patching the holes in it), rather than continuing to innovate towards new technology. That’s why radical changes typically come from new players who don’t have the software maintenance baggage. For example, these companies continue to improve their CPA and reporting, but don’t look for new ROI models.

    I work at Finch (http://www.finch.com). We deliver AdWords management in a much different way. We are focused on PPC for eCommerce businesses and have developed a model that works much better than CPA for online retailers.