• Andy Nicol

    If you want promoting through Google, don’t make a fuss.
    If you don’t, then tag your pages.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I feel like forcing Google (or anyone) to pay for the links they post to someone’s content kinda of defeats the purpose of the web. I can appreciate that French media outlets want to keep their business alive and make a profit, but I feel like this isn’t the way to go about it.

  • http://twitter.com/HyperTexted Kevin Gerding

    The best thing for French media outlets to do is work with Bing to display their content exclusively through Bing for a reasonable payment and block Google from indexing it. Problem solved.

  • Andi the Minion

    Surely the web brings companies more people than they had before, I wouldn’t have an issue with Google linking to us. That is what the web is all about isn’t it?

  • jnffarrell1

    Bite the hand that feeds you table scraps. What cur would do that? Probably the same dog that dropped the bone for a bigger one reflected from the water in Aesop’s Fable. Jealousy or greed, the result is the same, no nutrition.

  • Durant Imboden

    I think “threatened” suggests that Google is somehow playing the heavy. As Nick Stamoulis points out, the Web is what it is. If the French publishers want to change one of the Web’s most fundamental principles, there’s no reason why Google should feel obligated to help them do so.

  • Pat Grady

    Headline: Invisible Hand Slaps Disappearing Media’s Last Gasp.

  • http://drudgereport.com/ Jon

    The French publishers aren’t really upset that Google is linking to their content. As Andy Nicol pointed out, if that was the case, they’d simply block Googlebot-News from their sites. What this is really about is these French publishers are trying to extort money from Google.

  • http://twitter.com/cryptblade cryptblade

    I say pull out of France. Cut losses. France sucks anyway. No one likes France or the French. The French are dead.

  • http://blog.clayburngriffin.com/ Clayburn Griffin

    Oh, France.

  • Johan

    That’s true and i’m french.

  • kiran bhanushali

    Murdoch’s strategy. Monkey see monkey do

  • Durant Imboden

    To be fair, the French aren’t being any whinier than Rupert Murdoch has been.

  • Alan Charnock

    1 billion clicks from Google news, I wonder how many of these are “not provided” ?