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    I agree with John, plus its odd for me to see this and at the same time see some of the “respected” seo/marketers heavily involved with ringtones and casino advertising.

    As for me the biggest crime on the Internet is ringtones, as poor kids are tricked into signing up for ringtones and then billed money they don’t have.

    Followed up by casino’s, gambling is controlled and online gambling illegal in the US for a reason, not to mention that the sites that are being advertised have built in system to ensure them higher than normal profits.

    Gets worse when you look at the social impact ringtone and gambling have on family’s and kids, abusive parents taking it out on the kid who didn’t know he would be billed so much month after month and kids spending most if not all thier disposable income on these things. People losing their money to online gambling and then losing the family/jobs they’ve worked so hard at.

    I all for having the internet free of scams, but John is right this is not the issue to focus on and this solution clearly comes with a non-pure intent to try and solve it.

    Google itself is working at stopping these ads, the algorithm is at work to stop the sites, just need facebook and other sites to catch up.

    My comment to the people in the business, if you promote ringtones* or gambling sites then you are no worse than a drug dealer or a pimp and deserve no respect and should be treated like a criminal.

    *my comment on ringtones are based on those ringtone offers which charge monthly fee’s after the first download/free offer. There are legit ringtone sites, so while my initial reaction to those are sceptical they are legit and offer a good service.

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    I am more than a little surprised by those defending Googles (lack) of action here. How hard would it be for Google to prevent adds from showing on the keyword “Google Money Tree” or “Google Cash”???

    Seriously, how can anyone pretend Google is trying hard to prevent this problem? Bing doesn’t accept ads for adult sites because they want a cleaner, family friendly experience. They also move faster against whole categories of advertisements to ban them.

    I have already written about other reverse billing scams, such as ringtones. Others have suggested that Google’s policy that accepts ads for text link brokers is hypocritical. These examples are obvious to search professionals, but do not tell the story to the general public the way a story about Google Cash and Google Money Tree

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    I wouldn’t consider Bing to be all that good at managing their ads. Did you read http://searchengineland.com/report-90-of-bings-internet-pharmacies-search-ads-lead-to-rogue-sites-23607

    I am not defending Google, Bing or even Yahoo, just providing more history here.

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    I did miss that particular article and I do not mean to give Bing a free pass. In some areas their policies are more conscious of protecting users than Google and others they fail…some times spectacularly. My real point is that this is largely a policy issue, not a technical one.

    Google and Bing have restrictions on the ads they accept, whether it is Bing’s refusal to carry ads for adult content or the government driven restriction on casino ads and it is about time Google address their POLICY about this type of ad.

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    I know many of the folks that are promoting Google Cash and other scams that bill people’s credit cards. In general, they LOVE Google for looking the other way, allowing them to peddle their offers and deceptive messages.

    “5 people have a crush on you!” is clearly deceptive, but “crush” offers were the largest category of Google ads last year. The IQ Quiz ads are similar. Same with the Acai weight loss products and their close cousins.

    I can understand having to do some policing on minor offers– but not when it’s one of the primary sources of your advertising income. That’s like saying you accidentally cheated on your girlfriend– accidentally saw this woman at the restaurant, accidentally decided to have dinner with her, accidentally went back to her place…. and you know the rest.

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    It is amazing to me that Google related scams like these can get as far as they do before the public outrage takes over to put a stop to them…you would link Google would have a team of employees that spend their time monitoring scams (Google related and non-Google related) to help clean up the SERPs from scammers (not spammers, but non-legitimate sites that rip off consumers)…

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    Actually, cleaning up the SERP is a difficult question that involves censorship, even when you are dealing with scams. That’s why White Knight SEO is needed.

    Removing Advertisements is an entirely differently story. That requires a policy and the internal political decision to carry it out.