• Trespassers William

    It’s surprising they haven’t delisted .tk yet. If .tk and altervista.org vanished, I believe half the phishing volume I see would go away.

  • http://www.gamerstube.com Joe Youngblood

    basically: you are who your network neighbors are. move your website and actually PAY for hosting, or use a quality free host like wordpress.com or feel google’s almighty wrath.

    side note: is deindexing ‘spam’ domains/networks in response to blekko?

  • http://marcelocustodio.net Marcelo Custódio

    So inbounds links from the co.cc would be considered rotten ??

  • http://docsheldon.com Doc Sheldon

    @Marcelo – Probably a good chance of it, I would say.

  • Nitin Chandak

    Actually bannig the whole domain is bad. so many blogspot people doing so much of spamming ..you cant ban blogspot too can you?

  • http://motelsupplies.blogspot.com/ P.C.S.

    Researching a product niche recently for my blog, there were hundreds of co.cc sites, with slight title variations. All with minimal content, with loads of image and links to Amazon and other affilate networks. I suspect they saturated their sites with affilate data feeds, or some advanced scripts. Now that are are gone I have moved up a lot in the serps, as they were cluttering up the net, with no insightful content and value to searchers looking for solutions, perhaps other than to buy.

    I have read of blogspot users being banned if their blogs are too commercial, or offering too advanced seo and adsense tips as their main theme. Often from experienced marketers/SEO’s. They often ranked through numerous genuine back links, by teaching too much. So much so that Adwords advertisers might have been worried or their competitors.

  • http://www.spiderwritingseo.co.uk/ billmarshall

    This should have happened ages ago. I took over a client who had been with a so-called link specialist and found that their “link bulding” had been creating thousands of keyword match variation domains on .co.cc and linking them together before adding links to the client’s site. Must have been glaringly obvious and I’m sure they were hit for having them.

  • http://always10.blogspot.com A.T.

    OMG… I have a lot of friends in BloggersDotCom who still use CO.CC Domains… Thanks for this important info.

  • http://www.sevenbranding.com/ S.B.

    so they did it because the whole network is spammy? so who’s next? Dot TK and blogspot? Good to own your own domain name.