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    My first thought, annoying as hell, where is my clean white screen? I’ll continue searching from the browser toolbar.

  • lestarte

    …and they have a 1440×900 resolution (at least on google.DE) and are saved in the following form: http://www.google.de/images/background/p7.jpg

  • lestarte
  • guy75

    If you don’t like their background, create your own. Mine is mostly white – check out http://tinyurl.com/36halzp

  • http://www.seobloom.com davide corradi

    You can get rid of Google background simply switching your user agent to Googlebot . Easy as that..

  • SEOIvan

    whoever made the decision to unroll this for all user is a complete idiot and should be fire. what the f** are they thinking.
    idiots. I always think google is very smart in the way the handle their competition, and the how they grow, but this is by far one of the most idiotic decisions this company made.

  • pinecroftcottage

    Davide Corradi – How do you switch your user agent to Googlebot, for those of us that have no clue what that means? Step by step instructions would be useful.

  • patm

    Annoying. What was really annoying is that it just happened without me doing anything. I would have received it better if I had an option to change it instead of Google making that decision for me. It also took a while get rid of it. If I wanted a background, I would have been using another search engine.

  • THorse

    One solution that worked was on the browser, going to Tools > Options > General Tab > Homepage > (change to ) http://www.google.com > Click OK. this way, the annoying background images of google.co.uk will not load and you are left with a clean search page everytime you click the homepage.
    no need to log in to create your own background through google account.

  • VDR

    @pinecroftcottage Download the Firefox add-on User Agent Switcher from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/59/ and once it’s installed, from Firefox’s Tools menu, navigate to “Default User Agent” > “Search Robots” > “Googlebot 2.1”. And then refresh the page.
    Alternatively, you can set your browser’s home page Firefox branded Google page – http://www.google.com/firefox?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official (change the country code as necessary).

  • bizzylizzy

    I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://dlmweb.com dlminton


    Why on earth is there no quick way to revert to a white background? It is not that I ever visit the page itself anyway, I always use the google toolbar, but jeeeeez, this is so poorly thought out.

    Most of my clients are barely capable of discerning the difference between an address bar and a search window, and now I am going to have to explain to them that they will need to create a white image and upload it to get back to the clean interface???

    Once again Google drops a bomb that is not “trivial” and abandons a fundamental element of their look and feel….WTF

  • dobson

    I had this problem – go to tools then add ons. It gives you the choice of the one you have and don’t want, and the default, plain one.

  • hobbo

    I wish that google would stop messing about with the home page,I am of to MSN.

  • hobbo

    Of to MSN.  Cant do with google messing about ,why cant they leave things alone if there working?

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