• msanders

    Thank you for the great post! Judging from coverage elsewhere, the correct URL for Google’s Ads Preferences appears to be http://www.google.com/ads/preferences

  • http://www.seroundtable.com/ Barry Schwartz

    Yea, fixed… I misheard and thought it was ad and not ads. But I fixed at about 5:45am.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk/ Martyn

    As far as I can see this is going to be a huge benefit to google and I really look forward to seeing the targeted adverts in action. At least the adverts that will be on display are going to reflect something of interest and although people will have the initial big brother syndrome I do believe this will be an advantage for both consumer an advertiser.

  • http://dorthy.com jimanderson

    It’s interesting that the largest search engine in the world decided to take this targeted approach through Cookies and not their own search functionality. I’m all for giving people relevant information but how are they going to make it a good experience when they’re still not really getting to the root of what people are looking for?

  • http://www.interestmatrix.com alexdruk

    I would like to add that according to Aitan Weinberg, Google Product Manager (http://googland.blogspot.com/2009/03/g-new-ways-to-reach-right-audience-on.html) to participate in Google beta you have to fill out the form http://adwords.google.com/support/bin/request.py?display=form&f=audience
    I believe this is very important step in the evolution of search! The era of keywords is almost over! Era of interest-based advertising just started.
    People search the internet according their short or long term interests. Therefore all searches ( and keywords) are just expression of these interests. Interests are the driving factor of search on the Internet.
    However it is only a very preliminary step to interest-based advertising. Partially because Ads Preferences Manager approach is completely inadequate. For example it lists only 3 hobbies! 600 listed is nothing compared to the tens or even hundreds thousands (according to interestmatrix.com) of human interests.

  • http://www.rankfirst.info/newmarketing simleon

    this is a very important news. Google needed to do something similar to Yahoo! as behavour targeting is a very effective way of advertise with a good ROI.

  • http://www.perfectmoney.com About-PM

    if this is another action from Google to counter the “the emerge of new search ads,like twitter search.perhaps Google has something better then today adwords,however .following the present hit of crisis,I really don’t agree that Google checkout increasing there rate,at today recession before this behavioral target happen

  • http://www.searchenginelisting.org roughest

    This is only one of many steps Google is taking to toward individualized search. You can bet they will be applying this method toward natural search in the near future. The emergence of interest based individual search results will do away with keywords and force sites to define the user segments, what they want, and tailor the site content to profiles likely to produce desired results. Individual Micro Silos.

  • privacychooser

    Services like this one will emerge that enable those consumers who want to opt out to opt out easily.


    It will be interesting to see how many consumers care when they can understand and act other than by going deep into their browser preferences. (The browser makers have little incentive to make these choices prominent or easy — since they are also ad networks, in the case of Microsoft/IE and Google/Chrome, or supported by ad networks like Google, in the case of Firefox.)

  • http://advertual.com acgrindl

    Google is still lost in comparisons. Even if the ads are directly targeted at what was in your shopping cart that is still a direct comparison. Google is also still trapped by staying and doing everything online. For marketing to really work on the Internet it has to break out of the computer box and integrate itself into daily lives. Google is making people more and more responsible for their advertising. I never knew I was actually going to have to work for the advertising I received. Who’s job is it to show me the advertising I want, me or the advertiser? Well if it is me, I’m not going to work that hard, but I do want a system that knows me. And by all means that isn’t based on my surfing behavior because to tell you the truth I’m not shopping that much on the Internet. If something could incorporate my daily life with my Internet experience and save me money, I would be interested. But I will say I have the G1 phone and it seems to be doing this, however I’m in China and actually haven’t seen these new tools work yet, in June it should be working here they say. I doubt though that every item I ever purchase I’m going to scan. But back to the Internet, ads no matter how targeted are offensive and people really don’t click on them. They don’t save them money and they aren’t even relevant to deal with at this exact moment even if they are in your interest. Saving ads for later is actually what is needed, when you have time to yourself to review them. I call this the Clickboard. For more details go to advertual.com. I feel Google is actually making it more difficult to shop, browse the Internet, and search for what is relevant.