• http://www.brand.com/blog James R. Halloran

    Ah, well that should do more help than bad. It doesn’t look like the function is entirely activated yet, so I think we need to be a little more patient for all of the TM terms to be updated. (I’m sure the NHL will update their TMs eventually.)

  • Steve Morgan

    As I said in an @mention to Mr Shure, I first spotted this about 1-2 weeks ago. I didn’t mention anything as I assumed it was old news (regretting that now)! I wonder if I saw it as part of an early test, pre-wider roll-out? What’s even more unusual is that it was for quite an obscure trademark/brand, as trademarks go: a brand of bassoon (a type of musical instrument), rather than a common everyday brand like Coca-Cola or McDonalds…

  • Alex Polonsky

    I think this is a great feature. Nothing worse than getting an ad rejection notice hours after you create an ad.

  • http://www.formertourist.com/ Gaurav Srivastava

    Thank SEL for the fastest update about this key info.

  • Kevin Anchi

    I guess the reason for some kws to have trademark and some not, Is due to schemas and Open Graph Protocol, the reason Google and all other search engines are calling for all sites to add Schemas on the site so that they can use the data efficiently for their reports and analysis and also for tools….

    Through Schemas only you can make understand the machines that the content is official logo, company name, brand, etc

  • James Nalton

    I noticed it too, it did seem like an early test though as it was showing up for some TM terms but not others. https://twitter.com/JDNalton/status/400302230932164608

  • http://www.ecommerce4you.it/ mike jonsone
  • Han Gao

    Can any keywords in Broad Match trigger the queries including TM if I give these keywords a high enough bid? For example, my keyword is phone, can it trigger query ” iPhone”?