• http://aremi.me/ Caspar Aremi

    Interesting. The site I run gets frequent request to publish articles as ‘guest posts’ with an offer of a single, one off payment. I tell them we’ll only sun it marked as sponsored and with links marked ‘nofollow’ but they refuse. The agencies who offer these are *always* in Germany!

  • Christine

    Isn’t this post a voilation of what Danny stated earlier ” http://searchengineland.com/open-letter-google-penalties-184211

  • http://www.wallacewebconsulting.com/ Christopher R Wallace

    They are finally clamping down on these paid links…

  • http://rogala.pro Łukasz Rogala

    It is funny how Google SQT has to deal with links manualy. Where is your damn good algoritm guys? :)

  • http://kercommunications.com/ Nick Ker

    It’s busy getting the data from these mass manual actions added to it, while it continues to find what millions of people are looking for every second.

    But seriously, though, I think some of these announcements are PR. A lot of things are handled algorithmically. But if a “big” knockdown isn’t announced now and then, some people would just scratch their heads and think “well, maybe those links I bought from that German network just aren’t working yet. I will try a different one.” Instead, some now might think something like “Maybe I should stop joining these networks”.