• http://twitter.com/SEOCUBED SEO SEO SEO

    The related: search operator still appears to work, and is a better work around for this imho.

  • Ben Donahower

    Right, who would use anything in the Google toolbar? It’s pretty tough to navigate especially after you get a handle on search operators.

  • http://twitter.com/marcusbowlerhat Marcus Miller

    I used it Google, I used it nearly every day. Google, can you hear me? Google! Gooooooooggllleeee! Oh well, another useful keyword tool taken away. Shame they can’t make it available elsewhere.

    The related: operator works for related sites but not related search terms – anyone have an alternative? Adwords keywords tool I guess but was nice to hop around from related term to related term to understand the landscape a little better.

  • http://twitter.com/jwdlatif Jawad Latif

    I never used that option

  • Adam Zahler

    I’m going to miss this as it was a useful keyword research tool. It was basic I know but because it was so quickly available I found it reminded me to make sure I am on track and on top of the particular ranking opportunities.

  • http://www.infoeducations.com/ chaudhary amir

    I hardly knows that information now i got some thing thanks for sharing

  • http://twitter.com/NelsonWayne Wayne Nelson

    Removing the Related Search tool is simply a temporary annoyance. The “Keyword Ideas” tab in the Adwords interface (Google Keyword Tool) adds several more related terms/keywords and provides all the metrics that are ultimately more useful for keyword research than just the most-recent and most-searched keywords.

  • Olivier Duffez

    In France this option disappeared around March, 28th 2013
    see https://plus.google.com/116731787320986144382/posts/PJQbJwFT1SQ

  • http://twitter.com/JadonTechnology jadon_technology

    I hardly knows about that

  • David Cohen

    I found out today that making a google search with safesearch “ON” removes also the “regular” “related searches” that were displayed below the search results at the bottom of the page.

    Can anyone tell me if that was the functionality before April 2013 ?

    Google always suggests “safe” “related searches” so why does it give different functionality depending whether safesearch is ON or OFF ?

    I’ve tested it only on google.com (not on other google domains).