• http://www.highposition.com/ Chris Ainsworth

    Cheers Barry. Here’s a couple of observations.

    I’m yet to find a single example of a video which plays directly within search results. I’ve tried ~20 music videos by various artists in various genres (including the examples in your post) and all of them push through to YouTube?

    I’ve also noticed that the large videos only appear to be available in search results for music related queries. Searches for things such as movie trailers do not appear to serve large videos.


  • RCheesley

    I wonder if this will start only with one genre and exact match titles and then expand using social signals to identify if it’s relevant to the query.

    It would be interesting to see if semantics has any affect as to whether it’s showing in association with a brand name/company name/website/synonym query rather than just the actual title of the video also.

    Certainly food for thought!


  • donthe

    I wonder how this will affect sites in the Lyrics niche. Particularly rapgenius. Danny Sullivan actually predicted something similar on SEL back when the rapgenius story first broke:

    “Finally, it’s probably an incredibly dumb business model to be doing a lyrics site that hopes for Google traffic in a time when Google, like Bing, is moving toward providing direct answers………………..
    It seemed like a natural for Google to start showing lyrics themselves off of this…………….
    ……….. I still think eventually, Google will just provide lyrics directly……”

  • Gareth Mailer

    This is majorly monopolistic. Bring on the next EU lawsuit…

  • Gareth Mailer

    Yep, tried searching myself and haven’t found a single playable video. I’d be surprised if internal politics between search bods and YouTube bods would allow for it.