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    Excellent article, thank you so much.

    I think privacy might get scary if someone gets the impression that search history is used to rank or is displayed in the results. Apart from that it looks like a very helpful service.

    What do you think of a small improvement? When Google builds your list, that would be a central contact list, and if the user could see that and edit it would be great. Categorize, perhaps as normal contact including social search and as reduced without that influence. Especially when I take a look at my mail contacts, I am not sure I really need to have them all in my search results.

  • snyderxc

    Awesome article, but from what I’ve noticed: My Tweets are protected and my Facebook is almost entirely private. My FriendFeed is request only, therefore, very little shows up in my social search (sadly). I wish I could keep these privacy settings and still enjoy Social Search in its fullest.

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    Social Search is indeed an exciting feature. More interestingly, this is a great example of how Google’s public perception and power keeps potential search competition at bay… I used to work in a search startup called Delver, where we launched a search engine with this exact functionality over a year ago. However, achieving such a buzz that is necessary for the product’s takeoff took too long for the company to survive.

    You (the industry leading coverage in general) have to realize that in a way, by focusing coverage on the big players only, you’re helping maintain this sad reality that limits innovation in search engines just to what Google will decide to do. Disruptive players have no chance in this world…

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    oferegozi !! sadly delver is off now …