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    Good points. The show option feature has gone through lots of revisions over the past few months.

    Remember when it was just the words “show options” and there was no plus sign? It seemed that no one was clicking on it so Google added the plus sign.

    I think Google has a fine line to walk. Google needs to be known as simple to use- it is part of their marketing pitch. I remember when we were at the ASTD convention 08 and someone from Yahoo came by our booth on thought the idea of training on effectively using Google was so funny- since, in her view, Google is so hard to use.

    Well, we all know what happened to Yahoo.

    But the reality is, “Search is an unsolved problem” as Marissa Mayer tells us. Google’s efforts to try and get this filters out in front of people’s view validates what so much of the research is saying, that people are not finding business critical information.

    One of the truly master strokes of Google, is that when a person can’t find information, they assume that the information they are looking for is not out there. Well, that’s sort of unlikely with 1 trillion + URLs indexed, but think about how great it is for business. See, when you do a search and can’t some information, you blame yourself for looking for information that does not exist. You don’t blame Google for making difficult.

    Imagine every time Vista didn’t work, you blamed yourself instead of Vista.

    Well, the real problem is that users don’t know the full functionality of Google, and Google isn’t in a real rush to help out. Bing would have a great time telling the world that Google is so complex you need training on it.

    Meanwhile, Bing offers nearly zero search functionality, leaving you up to continually trying different keywords in the hope of finding the information you are looking for.

    In the end, I think it will take a long time for the casual Google users to notice and benefit from the advanced search options, whether on the Google Advanced Search Page or on the Show Options feature.