• http://rockfi.sh steveplunkett

    smartest thing they can do actually…

    EU: We don’t like this. Can You change it?
    Google Explanation: (reason why it’s a stupid idea)
    EU: that makes sense can we change this…..
    Google Explanation: (reason why it’s a stupid idea)

    otherwise its…. EU sues Google over Anti-Trust issues… instead of attys.. they get Google to explain.

  • Miguel Ferreyra

    Sometimes fools out of their meetings, not this time, went to Washington to accuse Google but so bad is going to Microsoft!!, I wonder. Because even crossed the Atlantic to sow panic in Europe with two companies owned by Microsoft, are just the companies that regulate the travel packages.
    Why not leave other countries to seek better results.

  • Lalit Kumar

    Why Google Hate brigade is growing

    Thats why I love open source, now you peek into every activity of users through toolbars, analytics, pagespeed and tons of your so called free tools. Record them …process them and then show results. But when it comes to getting yourself scrutinized democratically, you claim to have IP issue.
    If this is not reversal of “Do No Evil” then what it is ?.
    Google benefits alot in developing various tools with inputs from open source be it firefox affiliation or google apps market place or android or google codex development. It utilizes its learnings with best in the industry.
    But when it comes to sharing info that too when it is crossing limits in fetcing info from public at large it shies away.

    Google should Stop preselecting web history for laymen when they register for your mail account . There are other things too that it does with no to so avid internet users to trace their behavior. If you benefit from opensource then you should reciprocate in the same manner coming in open. Tweaking of algo is just an eyewash thats for sure. They have become smart businessmen.

    {forgot my old account…had to re-register…commenting after ages here…due to very busy schedule :( }

    Lalit Kumar
    Ten years in online marketing