• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    I expect a lot of SEO bloggers will start publishing advice on how to analyze this data. Everyone remember that the tallies and percentages CHANGE as you change the reporting window dates. You cannot use these reports for reliable hard click-through-rate analysis as some people are already suggesting.

    Also, there is NOT ENOUGH DATA to analyze which pages are performing best when you have multiple pages receiving clicks from a query.

  • martmitch

    an excellent improvement!

  • http://www.annielytics.com/ Annie Cushing

    GWT always gave you the keywords a page got impressions/clicks for; you just had to click through to see them.

  • Trevor Ayers

    Great improvement. The utility will have to be judged over the coming weeks. I’d like to see an increase in the amount of historical data available. Exporting is an option, but a lesser one.

  • http://khogiare.com/ johnterry

    an excellent improvement!

    dien dan rao vat

  • Jan-Willem Bobbink

    And the data is really useless if you look to the big picture, also see http://www.notprovided.eu/why-not-use-googles-wmt-data/

  • Manoj

    excellent improvement this time!

  • http://www.singsys.com/ Rakesh Singh

    In WMT under search queries tab shows changes of impression and clicks in % increase by green and drop by red.
    want to know how this % (increase or decrease) calculated i mean how
    the compression is done by month by day or some thing else.