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    Nice post Brad,

    Bidding strategies for keywords that are earlier in the buying cycle which lack conversion data is one of those grey areas that won’t fully become clear until conversion attribution improves.

    Without fully understanding user touch points (i.e. a user searches for ‘cheap televisions’, comes back a few days later on ‘sony bravia’ and then returns a week later to make a purchase using the search ‘compare prices bravia 42 inch’), and properly attributing the correct share (or weight) of the revenue to each touch-point (keyword), we can only go by user behaviour stats like you have outlined above.

    I recently wrote about using analytics data such to assess the performance of non-converting keywords and came to similar conclusions to yourself: that it is possible to get a good idea of user engagement and interest generation by considering metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, page views and return visits.


    People will continue to carry out research when making online purchases, so the winners in PPC will be those who can better understand how their audience is researching their products and services, and adjust their keywords at all stages of the buying cycle accordingly.

    Nice point too about the time on site stat not including the last page – makes complete sense but it hadn’t previously crossed my mind!