• crimsongirl

    Are there examples you could share?

  • http://www.american-naruto.com michaelfeb16

    My favorite method for gaining an audience on myspace is place a picture of a scantly clad women on my profile. Fifty percent of the population automatically clicks “Accept”!

  • http://www.cameronolthuis.com Cameron Olthuis

    Crimson Girl – What exactly would you like to see examples of, I have plenty that I could show you?

    Michael – I agree that’s a great way to build an audience. However, when working with consumer facing brands that is not usually feasible. But it works great it most other settings. Sex really does sell.

  • http://www.american-naruto.com michaelfeb16

    Well, just for the record, I don’t actually do that. It was more a comment on myspace spam than anything else. However, the point does stand – it works.

  • http://www.KolbeMarket.com BarbaraKB

    Much of the above applies to Facebook and yet it’s so funny to see the com boxes re: sexy avatar.