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    Great post Kim! I think you made some excellent points that are usually missed with both company name confusion and missed opportunities with 404 not-found pages. I have seen that many websites are able to regain some credibility with they way they structure their error pages. My business partner just wrote a post that dives a little deeper into keyword use and I would love to hear your thoughts. http://www.synactable.com/blog/charleston-sc/brian-rogel/keywords-search-engines/ Thanks!

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    Thanks. Some really good points to remember.

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    Great article, thanks for sharing. You made some great points and a lot of information that can be used to help our company website, especially mentioning the 404 page. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

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    Conversions are absolutely the most important thing any ecommerce business MUST focus on above all else. I like Bryan Eisenberg’s analogy of about losing traffic through a sieve because your site doesn’t convert.

    This is even more critical in an economic downtown because fewer of your visitors will be ready to buy and those who do may be limiting their spending. I wish more businesses would find people like you sooner and believe in and implement what you recommend.

    Every time someone I have known over the years refuses to act to improve their conversions and I know they are sinking fast it tears my heart. It is so obvious to me but sometimes I am not persuasive enough to save them.

    One tip to always use when analyzing analytics data: view your data for Adwords and other pay per click advertising separately from other sources of traffic. The quality of the traffic you receive from ppc ads can vary wildly – even if you ONLY buy search traffic – and that can play havoc with your conversion rates.

    The cause is what ppc experts refer to as distribution fraud. I have more about that in a post about The Golden Days of PPC on my site. You don’t want to be chasing a poor quality search traffic instead of a real conversion problem – although if it gets you to listen to someone who can increase your conversions that would be fortunate for you.

    Find and shut down that distribution fraud by looking in your AdWords account for an increase in traffic and a corresponding decline in conversions on the same day. Then switch to looking at just that day, find the keyword phrase that has a terrible click through rate (CTR) and pause or modify that phrase.

    The unfortunate truth about ppc advertising is that the ad buyer must sacrifice some quality traffic to reduce how much non-converting traffic they are buying. Not to do so can really cost you.

    Please, for your sake, if your conversion rate is not at least 4-6% there is bound to be more you could do to optimize your site. It takes time but it IS worth it. I include a link to an exceptional chart that clearly shows why conversions are more important than more traffic in my post of the same name.