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    Interesting article, Shari. I’d never thought of the ‘aboutness’ concept before but it makes a lot of sense. Everything we do is all about getting the right response and ensuring the content is about the right search topic. It’s a nice model and something I think will help to explain things to clients

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    ‘Aboutness’ is such a common term in the library and information sciences industry. (Note: search engines fall under ‘information sciences’). I actually wrote this article almost 5 years ago, but I wasn’t sure if SEO professionals were ready to embrace or to truly understand the concept of ‘aboutness.’

    I have use this term more and more throughout the years to my clients as well. I use this term so frequently that I needed to finally publish this article so others would have a point of reference.

    Here’s a little tip: I force people to limit keywords when they label intentional aboutness items (metas, titles, etc.) And then I go back and make sure that there is something truly unique with each label, not only a SKU number or simply putting an ‘s’ at the end of a keyword. Once you and your clients get the hang of this procedure? It becomes natural.

    But if people don’t know what ‘aboutness’ is, it’s hard for them to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak.

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    Nice post. I completely agree to the point that keywords plays a vital role in exploring the search engines or searching other information through internet.

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    Shari: love your title Aboutness. Great concept and new word?

    Can you update us on the importance of adding specific key words per page on a website and it’s relevance to aboutness and rankings?