• Darren Kingman

    Here’s an idea for Google (please credit me if you use it!!). They should place more emphasis on links that people actually click on. The only way they could do it without asking every website in the world to let them know more about their websites than Analytics currently does, is to see people who have related queries. So if someone was on an SEO site, and later searched for link building, they could deduce that the information placed on the link for link building from the SEO site actually added value to that visitor.

    There’s a ton of kinks in there, but it starts to at least build on the idea (slowly dying idea) of links and starts to add real value to them.

    Just a thought.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thinhphan89it Thinh Phan

    The site you mention doesn’t have 0 backlinks. Looks at it in MajesticSEO. They have some invisible links hidden away on some pretty high authority websites.http://khuonmatdep.com/