• http://realplaces.com rusty

    Yes, the major players all seem to be getting into the arena, but if you want to create and share YOUR OWN navigable places, or if you want to see interesting walkarounds that other individuals have made, these sites aren’t very useful. And the major players don’t let you walk into buildings, off-street into a park, onto a beach, etc.

    We have a relatively new site called RealPlaces (http://realplaces.com) that takes a very different approach. It’s (purposely) low-tech, but anyone and everyone with a basic camera can create, view, comment and share their own 360 navigable places. It’s kind of like StreetView meets Wikipedia, but if you have a better analogy, please share!

    Disclaimer: part of the RealPlaces team, hoping that this is an appropriately on-topic post. :-)

  • http://360videoblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/mapquest-360-view-with-immersive-media.html UnderCam

    RealPlaces is very cool, Rusty. I’m a big fan of the GigaPan model for ultra high resolution still 360 images. If you’re going to take the time, you might as well buy the right tool.

    Congrats to MapQuest and Immersive Media for getting a project of such a huge scale online. Sure, there are broader services, but MapQuest’s connection to Immersive Media may signify future video prospects. A large scale virtual tourism portal may eventually spring from any of these providers. We can only hope.