• http://www.bikestylespokane.com/ BarbChamberlain

    I hope this or a future version will provide an option to choose from multiple suggested routes and the ability to modify suggested routes–both lacking in the current app but available in the desktop version.

    Presumably the suggested faster routes are for drivers based on traffic data? I most often navigate for bicycling.

    My fairly simple “dream” setting for a future release: Let me choose a default mode that’s saved so I can skip the step of choosing a mode unless I need to change.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angela.walker.5283 Angela Walker

    As I said elsewhere this new app is terrible. I just want an efficient voice navigation system, not something that’s going to pop up ads for the hottest restaurants nearby.

  • Creative Web Design

    Update is good but may cause disturbance of many features. Navigation wont be remove by using this.