• http://www.techfreedomonline.com Pravin Gupta

    This is a nice updation FB ! Good article all information included ! !

    Thank You !!

  • http://www.krisolin.com Kris Olin

    I think Facebook is digging a hole for itself with these constant upgrades and updates. People are getting sick and tired of all the ‘new’ things they see every time they log on. See this little survey I ran just the other week: http://facebook-advertising-marketing.com/survey-reveals-facebook-user-interface-is-getting-worse/


  • http://www.marketingdiy.com M.D.

    IMHO ‘Stories’ is completely the wrong term, when majority of users only ‘post’ a few words.

  • OB

    “see the things THEIR most interested in.”


  • Matt McGee

    Thx OB, fixed that.

  • akik_disqus

    I am waiting for this. Thanks for sharing this post.