• Colee1

    My Logitech Revue is one of the best gadgets I could have gotten to integrate with my DISH Network account. The keyboard is light-weight, I’ll be honest I dropped it a couple of times and it still works! My name is Nicole and I love that I can swap from live TV to some online searching with a simple push of a button. I work for DISH so I was sold on getting one in my home as soon as it was released. This is definitely a toy worth having.

  • http://metarazzi.com Jeff Carter

    The article mentions that Google TV has special integration to control a Dish box (DVR). I clearly see that purchasing the discounted $180 Logitech Revue directly from Dish requires a $4 monthly DVR integration service charge. But, what I would like clarification about is if a Logitech Revue is purchased at the premium price ($250-$300) from a big box store does integrating the DVR still incur/require a monthly service charge from Dish? Does using the Logitech Revue with your Dish DVR also enable the Slingbox-like features for remotely viewing recorded programs, or is that still require a separate installation (e.g., the Slingbox adapter)?

    I hope that someone will give insight to these questions. Thanks in advance! :-)