• http://www.jeffgswanson.com Jeff Swanson

    Excellent post – loving all of the images.

    Hoping you review the Boxee Box as well. The biggest issue for me is the Internet browser. What can it do and not do? That goes for Google TV as well.

    Look forward to reading more of these, thanks!

  • http://www.stepforth.com/ scott.van.achte

    You can get a good Harmony remote for about $100 that will work ;-) … Also, Do people still watch Xena?

    Unfortunately for us Canadians HULU is still unavailable. I also just signed up for a free trial of Netflix, can stream through the WII which is good, but us Canadians get the short end of the stick with VERY limited content available – limited mostly to the first season of shows, and movies that were released a decade ago.

    Maybe some day the big networks and studios will give us Canadians some respect.

  • http://www.SurfCanyon.com Mark Cramer

    I’ve been using Roku for about 6 months and I LOVE it. The browseable and searchable screens are new, by the way. About a month ago you could only scroll through movies in your Netflix queue.

    The only grip I have is that sometimes the connection is poor and the movie will stop and reset to a lower quality level. Sometimes this can be annoying, however, perhaps it’s a problem with my home WiFi. It is strangely intermittent, however.

  • snevelb

    They have activated the USB. Have you been able to get yours to stream video? I can get music and pictures, but not MP4 video. Their customer service gets worse each time. I tell them what I have done to fix it (usually what they told me, but sometimes more) and then the next time they send a fix they suggest something I just told them I already tried. This has been going on since they actived the first couple days in November.

  • http://BridgerBay.com Tym

    It would be great if someone would do a detailed discussion of how to use a Proxy Server with boxes like the Roku.

    Users from outside the USA can watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. on their computers as long as they use a good proxy server. But, how do we set that up with one of these boxes?

  • Gambler Cooper

    That seemed like a fairly comprehensive review. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1334814022 Bryan Clark

    Good review but I will stick with my HD cable DVR and Apple TV for now, but I appreciate the review.

  • Robert Ace

    The Netflix and hulu plus are lame as far as selection for us Americans also.  1Channel.ch is better and free. most series is complete.