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    With SES Chicago last week and still digging out from being backed up this week, I forgot all about adding SEL to my blog roll but have just given you some link love.

  • http://www.seobuzzbox.com/ Aaron Pratt

    I know you are an old hat at this stuff Danny but if I could give you any advice it would be to just let it happen. Meaning, do not do any form of link development. You have plenty of natural buzz to gain this “trust” (that people believe in) in weeks rather than months or years.

    I would love to be you, you can just focus on your work and not fight for attention like most of us are required to do to get anywhere out here.

    Please do not also fall prey to lame “10 ten” type posts or I will throw rocks at your blog! ;-0

    You are one of the sites in my free personal study of search, thank you, you can’t learn any of this in college.

  • http://jambecorp.blogspot.com James

    Thanks for sharing your stats, I certainly hope that you are able to continue doing it as it will be very interesting seeing them evolve over time.

    It is interesting to see ask.com sending you more search hits than yahoo. This could be because you have been talking about the new ask city product and people are more likely to be searching for commentary about that using the ask.com search engine? Do you think that is the case or is it just that ask is quicker on the uptake for new sites perhaps?

  • http://www.feedthebot.com feedthebot

    It is great that you will stat info monthly, this will interest many and provide a good reason for visitors to return to your site.

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    The Stats are valuable for ANOTHER REASON – this offers an insight into the comparison of just how accurate COMPETE & ALEXA are (especially since there is a STRONG bias towards tech sites)

    Please consider getting the free or paid versions of Sitemeter. Many top bloggers are doing it, and it gives a continuous insight into their stats.

    Also the analyzing the search terms will give insight into how Google ranks sites – and how they develop Trust Rank and PageRank

    since this is the Title of the blog-it will be interesting to watch how long it takes to rank for these terms (searchenginewatch is doing great for SEARCH ENGINES)

    Search Engine Land: News About Search Engines & Search Marketing


    HERE are the stats for the top technorati bloggers compiled from Free versions of Sitemeter


  • wowter

    The low search traffic data looks like a prime example of the Google Sandbox. Just wait and see. Search will drive you’re statistics later on much more than feed readers. Although they are a trustworthy audience, they can never generate the traffic for a site like this as search will.

  • http://www.ecofueleconomy.co.uk/search-engine-land.htm web-widget

    Hi Danny,

    Think its great that you are sharing your stats, give all us folk that are cutting our teeth a real insight in to how it can be done when you know what you are doing.

    Would be amazingly cool if you shared what you where doing to get the top spots of the keywords you where chasing and watch the stats evolve over the months, that would really have me hooked in and find it very interesting and invaluable.

  • http://www.wildfireproductions.net drew stauffer

    Thanks for sharing these stats Danny. It’s great to see what a powerhouse can do from the very start.

    Keep it up.