• LikeIT

    I really love this update when Google not showing more results from the same domain in the same search querie. In my opinion 90-95% of the results from the same domain for that search querie are useless.

    As far as I seen today this update is running in google.com, i don’t care if it’s updated on the rest of them. :P

    yes the 30 results for site: is there, but if you click the “…the
    omitted search results…” all the links from that domain will show up.

  • Peter Watson

    I’m still seeing clustering in the results for my main terms and many others. The first 5 sites are all doubled up! wtf??? No changes here in Australia at all!

  • http://www.bloodygoodgames.com/ BloodyGoodGames

    As long as Google gets rid of the three billion results for Amazon, TripAdvisor, eHow, Booking.com and all the other crap sites nobody wants to look at in search, I couldn’t care less. Then again, I don’t use Google for search anymore (Bing is awesome!)

    As for the Big P update, so far my sites have all seen about a 10 percent increase in traffic. Not that I care that much as more and more of my traffic is now coming from Bing.

    As Bing says “Bing it On”. I LOVE Bing and detest Google. Hope the Big G dies a fat, firey death. And, the sooner the better :)

  • https://twitter.com/#!/kmadhav Sourabh Rana

    in google.co.uk still ebookers, expedia, tripadvisor, skyscanner & cheapflights UK still ranking on with multiple pages on single search term.

    Thanks for this article same problem was with my site google was not showing my all indexed pages on site: command. I was bit worried for this but relaxed after reading this article …

    Google is really behaving very strange in these days. So much updates

  • Nial Toner

    Appears to be working now but good piece. Just one of the many great things Google have been doing to make things increasingly difficult!! Not quite ready to leave for Bing or Yahoo just yet though.

  • http://www.interpretation-prenom.com/ bouzidi samih

    The Site command allows you to restrict a search to a particular site, or part of a site, or all sites with a name extension specific area.

    Some use this command in the absence of any keyword in the query. In these cases, Google’s algorithm can not work completely: what criteria could be based Google to rank results?
    It is therefore not to be expected that the results are always consistent. Moreover it is well known that the command site: used without keyword yields unreliable results (very unreliable when the site contains thousands of pages).

  • MikeInEdmonton

    Google keeps us off balance organically so the Adwords train keeps chugging along at over 100 million a day. Thanks for the update SEL.