• Chris Simmance

    I can’t help but think this is a little open to abuse. I know they wouldn’t just look at a reported spammy site and dish out a ranking review but it opens new risks I think!

  • Matt Ludwig

    This is just a useless “feel better” tool to ease the salt in our wounds. We are being punished via guilty by association for very old strategies, again.

    After they teased us over the past year with “disavowing links” and tattle-tailing on other webmasters. Basically CuttsG is saying, “You feel angry? Go rat out your neighbors” – Last year it was “You feel angry? Go rat out your SEO providers”.

    The harsh reality really seems that it’s time to dump our business URLs and start over, to fully overcome strategies that were discontinued YEARS ago.

    Question: Is submitting a fully thorough disavow worth it? Or do we go to the scrap yard with our domains in question?

  • http://www.sowhatmedia.co.uk/ Tom Roberts

    Are they kidding?

    Seriously, do they have to resort to this?

  • Matt Ludwig

    Exactly Tom, Why should I be a policeman that works for free? Do your own work and stop screwing the masses to “effect 2.3% of english results”. If only there were an alternative search engine to focus on. Come on Bing, capitalize on this somehow you morons.

  • Matthew The-Issue Booth

    Nice to see he is admitting he is wrong and the update has not been effective. Plus this is going to open a whole can of worms of people will just report competitors sites…

  • http://www.rankingedge.com Elizabeth Crane

    Acronym revised. Snitch Engine Optimization.

  • James Hunt

    still seeing spam? not sure about anyone else, but i am seeing more of it now than ever before!! companies that went out of business 2 years ago, sites that have been hacked for 6 months, and to make it worse Yell and Thomson Local rinsing up every local result we have been working on for over a year!!

  • Colin Guidi

    Well ALL of my competitor websites are spammy… gotta get busy filling out the forms, bye!

  • Matthew The-Issue Booth

    James, I have spent all day looking at industries though our client base…. all I can see is spammy sites or sites with no links and have little to no content or its duplicate content …. Lets not get away from the fact that google are doing what they did last time !!! they are messing up the market and getting people to fill out a form and then they will use the data from that for “Penguin 2.1” which will also be wrong as the general consensus will just put all the competitors it if good or bad. and lets see how Google’s stocks increase over the next 10 days as business will have to pump money in to ppc to stay alive ! I think its horrendous to be honest !

  • James Hunt

    Spot on! the biggest issue im going to have is telling 20 clients the same thing! Gonna be getting some pretty nasty emails coming in over the next few days!

  • Matthew The-Issue Booth

    Drop me an email , Might be worth a chat Matthew@digitalnext.co.uk, I have a few tools that we have made and a partnership with HP for some tools that can help.

  • medway808

    They did this on the first Penguin as well so nothing new.

  • GlocalSEO

    I just had email from one of my clients, he can’t find his site on Google and his business phone isn’t ringing anymore.

  • James Hunt

    i assume you specialise in local seo?? i have a client that last 106 page one positions today :/

    from page 1 to outside the top 100 – not cool…

  • Niz2k

    I know james. blackhat sites are ranking very well atm. I just checked some of my competitors backlink profile via ahrefs.com. most of their backlinks are blog comments, trackbacks and wiki post. Not cool. I am hating this update.

    BTW we do both organic and Local SEO.

  • kevin h

    I don’t really see a lot of ‘spam’ as such in the search results. Though that depends on your definition of spam. Many SEO’s use the definition of spam as being any site that they personally don’t work on.

    What I do see a lot of is the preference that google now gives to big brand names. These now tend to dominate many search terms but that’s what googles focus groups say they want to see during feedback. So I guess that for google to do their job – that is to keep their customers happy by providing results that they want to see – then thy have to give a lot of leeway to brands.

    fortunately for me google now only represents about 18% of my visitors so I don’t give a s**t what they do. Even those 18% of google visitors are nothing but leechers and make no contribution towards sales on my site so I’m happy to wave them goodbye too.

  • Matthew The-Issue Booth

    we are not classing the sites that rank as spam as we don’t work on them….. Im displaying facts i have checked the back link profile , the content , the keyword density and the anchor text density

    For some big keywords people are on page 1 and they have new sites with no back links and no 301 redirects to the domain to pass authority. I can not see any reason they would rank …..

    The update has not caused me a problem its affected 2-3 % of my clients and they are not seeing a big drop, about half have lost 3-4 places and the other half have dropped a page.

    I just see alot of people on page 1 that should not be there…..

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk/ Nathaniel Bailey

    Oh so google roll out an update that’s not done its job right (and they must have know to have the new report form ready to give out) and asks us to do there job?!

    When should I expect my pay packet from Google for being Penguin 1243 – that’s my chosen version, feel free to add your number at the end once you have done your part in reporting spam to google like a Penguin ;)

  • WillSpencer

    Matt is such a comedian. I could fill out spam reports all day every day. Google’s SERPS are just as full of spam as they ever have been. If Matt can’t see spam, its only because he has stopped using Google as a search engine.