• Kalena

    Ah finally I can comment. Some weird NoScript issue I guess. Just wanted to say that @WeFollow only accepts your last 3 category adds and wipes all your previous ones. Not sure if that’s a positive or negative at this point.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    thanks kalena didn’t check that and seen other twits confirming it will update the story shortly to say if more than three tags sent only last three used

  • Kalena

    Ah see if you’d been following me on Twitter, you’d have known that already ;-)

  • http://www.seofortwayne.com cpollittiu

    How do I go about getting myself listed (cpollittiu)? I looked up where I’d expect myself to be and I wasn’t there. Any suggestions. . ?


  • http://www.thejimgaudet.com/blog/ thejimgaudet

    What a clever way to get more followers. Now that I checked out the lists, I started following a bunch more..

  • http://www.searchmarketingcommunications.com Cohn

    Danny; your #2 under “Search” after Google.

  • http://tweeplepages.com JamesShiner

    Another nice Twitter directory is Tweeple Pages. Allows for more than 3 interests.


  • http://www.cameronresidential.com robjolliffe

    Thank you, what a great article!

  • http://none tomjacksonny

    Wow, I think within a few more months we will see many more Twitter Directories.

    I just saw this one on Google: http://www.tweetfind.com

    Looks good, I like the Trends Pie Charts.

  • mediafill

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    We’re not a popularity based dir like wefollow, and you can create REAL connections with locals on twitter.