• http://blackhatpwnage.com/ igl00

    theres also option google turned on auto filter to keep stuff indexed in the background and just make it ‘work’ when sites re back.

  • http://www.jaankanellis.com incrediblehelp

    These sites are no doubt going to get a “Google pass” like a big brand would. Let the little man die more.

  • Douglas Thomas

    I have a feeling most of these sites get the vast majority of their traffic from direct and referral vs. organic search anyway.

  • Illogicalthinker

    I disagree, since most .gov sites have huge confusing url structures. Take the VA form one used above as an example.

  • antiks (@antiks)

    Best Implementation of how you should do it: http://www.whitehouse.gov/

  • Chris Koszo

    Yup, and the easiest implementation as well. Maybe for liability reasons the other sites couldn’t get away with just that and had to actually pull the content.

  • Nikhil Raj. R

    What about sites that use a meta refresh tag like in the case of the National Park Service http://www.nps.gov ? They 302 to a notice page and then meta refreshes to http://www.doi.gov/index.cfm

  • Harry Hawk

    Crazy that the web sites have to shut down.. do they pay for hosting on a daily basis?

  • Travis Bailey

    Healthcare.gov has some glaring problems. Aside from using JS everywhere they humanly could, every URL is a 301 for lack of a trailing slash. That’s not going to be a huge waste of resources or anything.

  • Tim

    I don’t get it either. The cost of serving a website is peanuts. It sounds to me like something the employees would do out of spite.

  • lowlevel

    @Vanessa: one of the additional consequences of the 302 redirects is that they have been mistakenly applied to some robots.txt files as well. One nice addition to your article would be to describe how the sudden lack of (previously existing) Disallow and Crawl-delay directives will influence the index.

  • http://www.timbiden.com/ Tim Biden

    I’d never though about that. I just checked it in http://www.howto301redirect.com/301-redirect-checker/ and you’re right. It does 301 to put the trailing slash in the URL. Hilarious!

  • j0ebanks

    Regarding: “Anytime you make large-scale changes to site infrastructure, things can go wrong (especially if your government has just shut down!) and NASA isn’t immune. In this case, they’re redirecting the www version of the site, but someone has forgotten the non-www version. So if you try going to nasa.gov, you simply get this….”

    Actually, that’s always how it’s been with the non-www nasa.gov domain and is not due to the shutdown. Perhaps you can try notifying the person to change it, because I’ve given up. :)