• http://webmd.com roseberry

    hey Barry, from the graph it looks like the top line matches \video\ in the legend not \blog\. Blogs actually look to be the bottom (smallest) line. I think it’s maybe video and images that are the top

  • http://www.artrogue.com Matt Mikulla

    I find it odd that the top 5th image source is Kaboodle. However, I have a kaboodle account and just searched google for some keywords I knew where in one of my kaboodle posts and sure enough the image was there.

  • Scott Walker

    Maybe Google is favoring it’s own results, or maybe… youtube, blogspot, Google Maps, and Google Products have the most links, which is how Google’s algorithm works. I wouldn’t judge Google based on this data.

  • http://www.comparemobilephonerecycling.co.uk alan

    I tend to disagree with this article, I read it the other week so for the first time I created 2 videos and posted them onto youtube with my desired keywords.

    i was ranking second in google for the mobile phone recycling keyword and now today I have dropped to 3rd after holding that position for over several months