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    Interesting. The other Day I was listening to Daily Search cast Danny and Dave was talking about the Search Results and the difference in search results in Google. Its true that if we just do what is good for the visitors and ignore Search Engines. Thanks Chris.
    The Search Marketing Now,presentation was good

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    Eric – Congrats on the new baby! Abram’s a terrific name :)

    I’m with you on the shuffling thing – especially for terms that I’m heavily focused on. You develop an almost possessive connection and it gets hard not to be angry when they don’t return your results. I’m totally like that with “seo guide” and “search ranking.”

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    Actually, I think you got bumped down to pos #2.

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    Pos #2 is still pretty damn good!

  • tzd123

    Congrats on your kid. I have one in the oven right now.

  • Marziah Karch

    Congratulations on your baby boy. Both of my kids were a bit too eager to arrive, too.

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    Thinks for this clarification, for my site the situation is more bizarre.
    The web site move from page 3 to page 50 or 39 and then return to page 3. Every day I have new place.
    I added many links last months and Google webmaster tools did not add my links from mars 2007.
    How can I fix that?