• http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    The numbers coming out for Yahoo! lately make no sense. My network of Websites has always received substantial traffic from Yahoo! — until a couple months ago. Yahoo! is barely on my radar for traffic, bringing in far fewer referrals than Bing. It’s gotten so bad that I will more than likely start blocking slurp from my sites at the end of the month. The return on investment is no longer there.

    And it’s not just that Bing is sending more traffic (which it is). Compared to previous year referral numbers, Yahoo! is simply way down.

    Maybe my network is an anomaly, but I don’t see anyone talking about receiving referrals from Yahoo! any more.

    This helps underscore why the page view-based metrics that Nielsen, comScore, Compete, and Hitwise have been publishing are obsolete. They really have no relevance to SEARCH. They are measuring user engagement on those popular sites that also offer search as a feature.

  • http://stephenakins.blogspot.com hardlynoticable

    I wonder if search volume is a statistic with it’s own issues. For instance, what if people using Bing/Yahoo/Google have to do more searching to find what they are looking for?

    I regularly have to try phrasing my search differently in order to get the result I’m looking for. Not MOST of the time, but a small minority. If I average it out it may be that I search as much as 1.1 times per result. I wonder how much that number would vary from engine to engine.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    No one in the SEO industry should be using page views as a metric any more. We’re all talking about conversion rates and return on investment, and yet every month people trot out these meaningless “search market share” statistics and pronounce venerable judgements on who wins and who loses in search marketing.

    And then SEOs go out and do their thing on the basis of the meaningless metrics.

    Compete, comScore, Hitwise, and Nielsen have foisted a new Toolbar PR myth on the search marketing industry, so now we know for sure that Green Fairy Dust does one thing: it spreads.