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Google AdWords

AdWords Best Practices Series

When it comes to AdWords, you want to deliver the right message at the right moment. In this Solution Center, you’ll find whitepapers, checklists, guides and webinars that use Google’s proprietary data to explain how you can maximize your ad relevance and increase ROI with AdWords. Bookmark it for future reference and share with your marketing team. Visit Now

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Bing Ads Solutions

Want to know more about advertising with Bing? This solution center has everything you need to know about Bing Ads – including small business solutions, resources for special offers, and much more! Features include resources for specific industries, such as travel, retail, automotive – and more – as well as constant updates from the Bing Ads blog. Visit Now

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Digital Marketing Optimization

The days of casting wide marketing nets is over – today’s savvy consumers demand that you know them and can cater to their needs.

In this solution center, you’ll find a variety of articles, whitepapers and webcasts to help better understand how to personalize your marketing efforts using personalized insight and engaging execution. Visit Now at MarketingLand

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It Doesn’t Take a Thousand Links to Rank Your Website

Getting to the top of a Google search results page takes quality backlinks, but it doesn’t take as many as you might think. How many links does it take? What is the cost of visibility? Ranking high in Google’s results for your search terms is the key to increasing your company’s visibility on the internet. Read More

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Using Email Re-Marketing to Reach Abandoned Shoppers

Shopping cart abandonment is a significant issue in the online marketing world. Studies show that between 50% and 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before check-out. Forrester Research puts the number at 87% of consumers abandoning carts, with 70% of carts being abandoned just before check-out. Read More


DoubleClick Search Solution Center

Up to the minute news and information, including resources such as videos and white papers to help you streamline your paid search campaigns and your display ad campaigns.

Maximize the potential of your on-line advertising efforts with the latest SEM news and resources.

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How Conversion Optimization Can Increase Your Bottom Line in 2013

What keeps marketers up at night? It’s not dreaming about how they will spend their budget this year, which most industry surveys indicate is more than previous years. Instead, it’s how to justify their spend 12 months from now to skeptical company executives, and whether any of their marketing campaigns – web, social or mobile – will contribute to the bottom line. Here’s the waking reality: Read More

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Content Marketing is the New Black

Create good content. Become a ‘thought leader.’ Engage your customers. Sounds simple enough: just start blogging and tweeting and you’ll be widely quoted, shared on social networks, and respected in your industry in no time. Brand recognition will jump and unsolicited leads will start flowing. The objective is simple. The execution isn’t. Read More

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Digital Marketing Depot

Digital Marketing Depot is a resource center featuring hosted White Papers and E-Books, original research, and webcasts on a range of digital marketing topics. From advertising to analytics, SEO to social media, e-Commerce to e-mail marketing – Digital Marketing Depot is an excellent source of practical information on digital marketing strategies and tactics. Visit Now