Google Analytics Search Console Queries Report Now Hiding Query Data

The only Google report that shows webmasters their keyword data is now showing "not set." We hope this is a bug with the Google Search Console Analytics integration.

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Yesterday I reported on the Search Engine Roundtable that the Google Analytics Search Console Queries report under the “Search Engine Optimization” section is now hiding query data from webmasters.

If you look at the report, which Google has promised would contain query data because it is safely passed via the Google Search Console and not via the HTTP referrer, you will see that your top keyword is listed as “not set.” Sound familiar to Not Provided? Indeed.

Here is a screen shot, but you should also be able to see this if you linked your Google Analytics to your Google Search Console:


If I had to guess, this is a bug, a bug that surfaced after Google migrated to the new Search Analytics report from the Search Queries report. Maybe Google forgot to switch the data path or something?

Search Engine Land did email Google for a statement on this over 24 hours ago. Google told us they are looking into it, but we have yet to hear back on the change and why it happened.

Postscript: It turns out this is not a bug but rather how Google Search Console calculates differently than Google Analytics.

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