Google Maps Easter Egg Responds To Kids Whining “Are We There Yet?” So You Don’t Have To

Ask Google Maps "Are we there yet?" enough times and it will threaten not to stop for ice cream.

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Still in time for summer road trips, Chris Smith of found an Android Google Maps Easter Egg that will respond to your kids’ constant “Are we there yet?” nagging so you don’t have to.

Ask Google Maps “Are we there yet?” enough times while it’s in navigation mode on an Android device, and it will give you the what’s up, responding with a “If you ask me again, we won’t stop for ice cream.”

According to Smith, it takes a few times before Google Maps loses its patience, first responding to the question by letting the user know how far they are from their destination. It will then simply say “No” when asked again. But, by the fourth time, it sounds exactly like a parent who has been in the car with kids too long.

Smith shared the following video showing the Easter egg in action:

Hopefully, not stopping for ice cream is as far as the app takes it. Of course, with Google’s self-driving cars on the way, it may not be long before Google Maps will be able to turn this car around right now and go back home when it’s finally had enough.

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