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    Hey Stoney-

    Love your enthusiasm. Just a quick comment on #2 – using active words. 

    That very much depends on the culture. I work on websites in Europe and Asia, and US American directness is…shall we say…not appropriate for the culture. Even certain languages are not set up for such directness (my first graduate degree is in Asian/Studies — I remember how difficult it was for me to learn to read and write and speak in the passive voice, when it was taught to me most of my life as a grammatical error).

    Andy Atkins-Kruger gives me gentle nudges when I forget to put my recommendations in context (and he can nudge and nudge and even shove away any time he wants). He has always been right and I always appreciate his thoughfulness. So this is just a gentle nudge. 

    SEO for different cultures do not necessarily follow the same guidelines as US American SEO. Some things? Yes. Some things? No. 

    My 2 cents.

  • Stoney deGeyter

    Thanks Shari, I have to admit that I’m very American, steeped in American culture. Therefore I’m guilty of rarely thinking outside of the American box. It’s a good point, and I think applies to most types of communication that goes outside our borders. Understanding your audience is required in order to be able to communicate correctly!