• http://twitter.com/Hitchman35 Eric Hitchman

    I picture a (near) future filled with boolean based Location, ToD, and Device bid adjustments. This was a really good read.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    Thanks Eric, conditional logic might be the right solution. The single “bid vector” approach is quite limiting. That said, doing the conditional logic well, and ensuring that you’re doing the right thing in each case is hardly simpler than replicated campaigns with discreet ads. We’d welcome that level of control as an improvement over the current model.

  • Terry Whalen


  • http://www.toptiertools.com/ Frederick Vallaeys


    I’m curious if you’ve tested whether the geo bid modifier in Enhanced Campaigns is a bid multiplier based on the user’s physical location or also their intent as demonstrated in the search query. In other words, if I set a bid multiplier of 20% for “New York City”, will it increase the bid 20% for a user in California who searches for “NY City Hotels”?