• http://www.clixmarketing.com szetela

    Nice article, Josh (and sorry I missed seeing you at SMX). People interested in more info re: AdWords Display Network best practices might enjoy my free downloadable book on the topic: http://blog.contextweb.com/customers_now/

  • jamesoppenheim

    You’re 100% right, Josh. Thanks for the great post to raise awareness about the benefits of content targeting. Content targeting can deliver scale – lots of it – particularly when compared with other targeting methods, and is also cookie-free and privacy-friendly. I’m James from semantic targeting solution provider Peer39, and we’re improving ROI for advertisers and increasing CTRs and CPMs for Supply-Side Platforms and publishers.

  • Josh Dreller

    Definitely check out David Szetela’s very comprehensive (and free downloadable) book on this subject!