• ESPInfo

    I can’t get past the absurdity of using a proprietary connector and acting like it is a feature. It does nothing but add to the landfill problem the world has. And charging $30 for a cheap plastic converter is an absolute travesty. After 4 iPhones and running a site dedicated to iPhone gaming for 3 years, I may be ready to move on.

  • http://twitter.com/Pogue David Pogue

    “David Pogue’s New York Times article is representative of many critics who only gave Maps cursory attention”

    Um, that’s because, as I pointed out in the column, I wrote a separate review of iOS 6, including Maps (it goes up today). The column that appeared yesterday was dedicated to the iPhone 5.

  • http://twitter.com/gsterling Greg Sterling

    OK. I obviously didn’t see that. Will take a look and update this story. Thanks

  • Jimmy Mackey

    EsPinfo, the new connector does cause problems for people
    who have incompatible accessories, which are many of us. Hotels and gyms have the same problem now
    too, with permanent fixtures in their rooms/equipment. The digital interface is an improvement
    though, and that’s part of change. It is
    lighter though, and I’m also looking forward to a bigger screen for watching my
    shows and movies with the DISH Remote Access app. I like watching on the go better because I
    get more TV watching done in my day, and all I need is internet and my Sling
    Adapter at home.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=535260227 Jeff Kean

    where do you live? here in Canada TomTom is absolute shit. Google has a far superior Maps. I compare my TomTom to MY Garmin To My Google Nav almost daily and Google or Garmin always win. Google at least has cars that are out everyday checking on the routes. TomTom does it twice a year I think.

    “POI’s, missing transportation and overall look and feel aside” so basically all the useful features of a maps app :)

  • Alan

    Well Google shot itself in the foot. If they gave Apple the same version as the one on Android they would probably still be there. I am an iPhone user and quite frankly am happy that I finally get a voice turn by turn map app. Google decided to be recalcitrant, Apple rewarded them for it. It is the first version of this app give it time. Won’t be long before it is better than Googles.

  • http://twitter.com/markofinsanity Mark Evans

    Nope, they wouldn’t be there. This is a business decision based on local search costs and revenues. Integration with Google is not seen by Apple as a positive. Maps, YouTube, etc., are all being excised and replaced with Apple or non-direct-competitor content. Sucks. Look at the RMMC review of Maps for a scathing indictment of the crapware that is Maps, in terms of finding useful things. Only with Siri can useful searches be performed. And since Apple crippled Siri on 4 and lower (for strictly business reasons, not technical capability of those handsets), that means iOS6 Maps on the 4 and lower will /suck/. And, as shown repeatedly before, Apple will likely NOT act to improve this in any way for those handsets, in order to sell more 5s.

    As an Apple shareholder, I am delighted that people are such suckers for Apple, and keep buying their stuff. As an Apple user (multiple Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and AppleTV, along with other devices using other OSes), I am disgusted, and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster every day for jailbreaking.

    Don’t be a sheep — get action by complaining about Apple’s bad behavior!

    Note: that’s not directed at you @Alan, it’s directed at the mass of fanbois and apologists who see everything Apple does as brilliant and without blemish.

  • Alan

    No offense taken and I aren’t a fanboy. I use both Android and IOS probably more than most people! and yes you are right it was a business decision but Google did bring it upon themselves in 2 ways! First getting into Android! and secondly hobbling maps on the iPhone. Getting into Android was probably the big thing that put Google in the firing line! Interestingly I read somewhere that Microsoft is making more from Android Sales than Google. Microsoft own some awesome patents and have some even better contracts with hardware manufacturers that obligates those manufacturers to hand over cash for every device sold. So way to go Google. Get into Android just to make one of your competitors richer! I guess that is one of the reason for the Google Nexus 7!

  • Mikel Syn

    Actually, if you do read up somewhat on the google maps app for iphone, it was the last google service supported by apple for one reason: apple agreed to support google maps only if apple dictates the updates that are available to google maps. so, contrary to what you think, it’s more of apple being a dick. can’t remember where i got that from, but that’s apparently the case.