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    Good post on a subject that is more important than many realize.

    I think this returns to a trust issue.
    If you trust someone, and they’ve shortened a link,
    it doesn’t matter.

    This: “If you notice that your affiliates are cloaking their URLs, it’s best to reach out and to find out why”, is slightly naïve :)

    Here’s my affiliate link for Thesis Theme from the affiliate management service,
    followed by my “prettier one”:



    The original takes up more than half of a Tweet at 76 characters (I’m asked such things on Twitter). It’s also ugly in an email.
    It may tell people who missed my disclosure in the original location that it’s an affiliate link -if- they have any idea what they’re looking at.

    The second is more easily stored and shared among readers,
    and several hundred friends associate the domain with me, and trust the link.

  • dresday67

    What about the cloaking that has to be done to protect the affiliates traffic source from the not so nice Affiliate Managers? I agree their should be transparency on both sides but that seldom happens; so how would propose the affiliate handle this when he/she needs to protect their asset to eat.