• http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael

    Unfortunately he answered nothing about how they plan to get market share.
    Putting Bing as default won’t help, people simply will switch to Google or access it manually via google.com if it’s the only way. He says they’re constantly working on making Bing the definitive must-have search engine, but they fail to actually make it since I can’t see any improvement on such area (I don’t see Google as the best search engine either, I’m just saying Bing doesn’t have anything different, special, specially on the mobile version).

  • http://www.superrankings.com Kerr

    I have an iPhone 4 and I don’t see Bing as one of the search options on here? The first time I opened Safari Google was the default. Unless the option to go to Bing is buried somewhere in the settings I don’t see it on my phone anywhere.

    I have downloaded the Google app but don’t know anyone with the Bing app. The Google app I love as I can speak in my search term, I wonder if their app does that? I’ll have to check it out.