• http://www.ihsekat.com/ Takeshi Young

    Pinterest’s search SUCKS. It basically does keyword matching with the description, coupled with recency and engagement metrics. Google’s image search is a lot more sophisticated and takes a lot more factors into account.

  • http://www.qnary.com/ Mark Pilatowski

    BuzzFeed is still pissed at Google because their unoriginal content got smacked down by Panda. They will do anything to convince the world that Google doesn’t matter because they can’t get out of purgatory

  • http://www.lastres0rt.com Rachel Keslensky – Last Res0rt

    Pinterest is good if you’re looking for something Pinterest already specializes in — wedding decor, craft ideas for certain items, home decor solutions, recipes…

    For my purposes, Pinterest is good for INSPIRATION, Google is good for INFORMATION. You don’t expect Pinterest to contain reviews on a good pho restaurant, and you don’t scan Google Images for cute iPhone cases and creative uses of Ikea furniture. Why expect them to be what they’re not?

  • http://themedia3.com/ Media3

    Pinterest is just a photo sharing social networking site, i can get the results just based on it limits and google is just a god for internet and wish something to google, it can get it you in fraction of seconds…..!

  • http://nashtari.tumblr.com/ M Chaaban

    I tried Pinterest and didn’t like it even, on the other hand I use google or one of googles other products every time I am on the net. there is nothing to compare. Agree with you totally.

  • Jon

    What a pointless thing to debunk?! This is SEL.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/kmadhav Sourabh Rana

    After Facebook vs Google.Now Pinterest vs Google really funny . Pinterest is best image search engine but not search engine .. Sorry pinterest you need some serious work & requires few decades to beat Google


    The two shouldn’t even be compared in the same sentence. We’re talking apples and oranges here. When BF got love from G they applauded them. Now they give us this.

  • Gurjit Singh Khehra

    Hi Danny Sullivan, I don’t know what you are talking about. Looks like Article was written by some employee of Pinterest. When you Search for iPhone, it is actually the iPhone what you searching for an Google Images shows Matched Results while Pinterst Shows Covers etc which comes under Search Keyword: iPhone Covers…Try to do it on Google Images and you’ll get best matched results. Can’t understand that site like SEL throwing this shit on their Users. We are not so mad and dumb who’ll treat your sayings as Universal Truths. So at least think about something when you posting an article and if you don’t have anything coming up in your mind then relax and do some rest instead of writing posts with random words and images.
    With Regards.

  • Gurjit Singh Khehra

    Yes, You are right…Now i am thinking of writing articles such as: Why Maxthon Browser is better than Chrome, Why Nokia 1100 or Asha is Better than Nexus 4. Why Maruti 800 is better than Audi A6…and then Submit them to SEL, In return i don’t even want any backlink and if SEL wants then they can remove my Name from author. I think they’ll publish them soon. :)
    Can’t understand who is moderating these posts before publishing.

  • Barbara Doppes

    “quotation marks – you suck – buzzfeed – your main source of information – ruffles potatoes chips you are eating as you type this – and that nasty apple iphone you use – do not like ‘pinterest because it is geared for women – lots of smart good looking males entertain themselves on pinterest – you – of which – obviously – are not

  • Ecion

    Sorry, SearchEngineLand: That Article Was A Bigger Fail Than The XBox One Announcement.

  • Bishal Hunter

    yes Pintrest search is not good as google because google is google and it is the oldest search engine and i optimize my blog and other site easily from this quick responding site http://www.adsurf.net

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk/ Nathaniel Bailey

    lol, I’m sorry but if I was searching for iPhone do you really think I would be looking for an actual iPhone or cookies that look like an iPhone?! The cookies do look really tasty but I think most people searching for iPhone would indeed be looking for an actual iPhone!

    I will give pinterest praise when due though, it does come up with some good image searches, but I would never ever compare it to what real search engines do and give us as they are not the same and are not intended to be used the same!

  • http://www.sandeepbali.com Sandeep Bali

    You are wrong, you want cookies.

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk/ Nathaniel Bailey

    You’re right, I don’t like Apple so I personally probably would be looking for the cookies :p

  • ratebee

    Im not saying it’s impossible for Google to be outdone, but Google has dominated the search engine market because they keep reinventing themselves. Their competitors have a long way to go to surpass them.