• Divy@ T@ndon

    Why is it called Panda update? It can be called lion, tiger, cat or dog update. Is it because of Navneet Panda, a Google software engineer? or any other reason behind.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/raphaelduhayon Raphael Duhayon

    “Sites that scrape and re-publish content and are out-ranking the original source of the content”…
    I guess they will target Google Shopping for lack of unique content? ;)

  • http://storepricetoday.com spt

    anyone know where to find API to panda engine?

  • http://everytopic.org/ E.T.

    I think if you have dupe content on your site, its a good time to remove it or re-write it to make it unique

  • http://googlemonopoly.eu G.M.

    Google has way too much power over search. Overdue to be regulated as a monopoly.

    I know several publishers who were wrongly crucified by Google and their Panda.

    Zero recourse, no modification, no customer support.

    For a company that claims such transparency and integrity and often picks at government for failing in such ways, the entire Panda fiasco stands as an example that Google is just as bad.

    The scraper issue is massive and when viewed in conjunction with a site-wide demotion for whatever vague and arguably bogus reasoning Google has. Will Panda 2.x be any better? I doubt it. Google like much of the Sillycon Valley thinks they are smarter than everyone and even when confronted with reality, they can’t admit to their massive failures.

    Unique content? Google is the biggest thief of original content on the planet. What they don’t steal directly, they have been financing for years (pirated software, books, music, etc.).

    Does Google have ANY original content outside of their regular blog posts/advertisements and 140 characters of Twitter?

  • http://www.searchramble.com/ Santosh Prasad

    one little thing which has been a key question to myself.. how are you ( google ) going to determine..wheather this content ( new one )has been “scraped” or that content ( old one ) ? .. just from Archive of that website ?

  • thePPCguy

    The initial Panda Update may have yielded some results. But the fact is that Google still has a huge quality issue with its search results.

    Bing on the other hand appears to be gaining ground… and this is reflected in the market share numbers and in the general perception.

    So, Google needs to speed up… and if that means launching more Panda Updates, so be it!

  • http://www.esotech.org geilt

    Divy@ T@ndon

    Why is it called Panda? 2 Words…Ski-doosh!

  • http://www.esotech.org geilt


    I have actually found Bing results sifting through negative-is-positive results. You know what I am talking about….”Is XXX a scam?” Search Results, “Is XXX a scam?” Content: “Of course its not its the best way to make money its the most wonderful program in the world! rant rant rant”.

    Took me 6 pages of SERPS with multiple searches to find what I wanted on Google, 1st page with Bing (though some of those false ones were in there).

  • http://www.esotech.org geilt

    Good lord its too early, that previous comment mean to say found Bing Results better at sifting through negative-is-positive results. And with that I am done for the day!

  • http://www.ivoapostolov.eu Ivo Apostolov

    So probably Google Places should disappear from the results? At least for several countries, including Bulgaria, they are using scraped results from local partners :)

  • http://twitter.com/susannamiles Susanna Miles

    I remember looking for a how-to advice and never actually found it in google. They penalized ehow terribly, but all the bad ehow copycats were ranking on the first 3 pages (never went past that).

    Honestly. I miss ehow. At least they did what they do well.

    Is it true that site were marked as “probably never would improve”. That’s terrible terrible terrible! It kind of horrifies and disgusts me all that the same time. It’s just wrong wrong wrong.

  • http://europeforvisitors.com Durant Imboden

    “Google is not constantly scanning for pages that might get hit by its Panda penalty. ”

    Is it accurate to call Panda a penalty, as opposed to a new method of scoring pages?

    For what it’s worth, Panda led to reduced traffic for some pages or sections of our site, but other pages or sections have gained traffic since the February and April Panda roll-outs. To me, that suggests a change in the scoring formula, not a penalty.

  • http://www.developerfusion.com/ James Crowley

    @Durant Imboden in my experience (as CTO of a tech news site that’s been badly hit by Panda), this definitely behaves more like a penalty for us. As far as I can tell, the reason scraper sites are now ranking above our own stories is not because they’ve been given a boost – but our domain has been given a site-wide penalty, demoting us across all content.

    Will be curious to see if this update actually improves this, or simply makes the problem less visible.