• http://www.mediawhiz.com/ Keith Trivitt

    Great analysis, Greg. You’re spot-on when you point out that while Facebook doesn’t need to (nor should it) compete with Google in search it needs to better integrate search within its platform. There are multiple benefits to this but perhaps the most obvious is that search is how people still use the Internet and it is how we will continue to use the Internet for years to come. While there will be multiple changes to how we interact with others and communicate online (such as Facebook) the integration of search with social media via Facebook has been a long time coming and it is good to see Facebook execs starting to address that need. 

    Keith Trivitt
    Director, Marketing and Communications

  • Simon Baptist

    Thanks for the clarity on this Greg.  Two comments,

    1) Directional Ad Media
    Since the release of the Open Graph I have been continuing to test against typical Local directional media expressions of interest but they don’t really seem to be dropping through yet. I believe if Facebook fixed that, then they will be a long way towards solving this.

    2) Better Search
    If the vision of Facebook is to be a human-powered directory of people, places and things then they need to have a much better Search experience.  I continue to be frustrated with what is on offer, this is especially relevant to Local and the number of new businesses who start with a Facebook presence ahead of any other digital footprint.

  • http://blog.clayburngriffin.com/ Clayburn Griffin

    They don’t have a direction yet, though.  Other than their social graph (and how useful is that truly for search?) they have nothing innovative to offer.  Facebook Questions was a failed attempt at building a new foundation for search.  

    And again, as for the social graph with search, anyone using Bing Social?  Exactly.