• http://www.hmtweb.com/marketing-blog/ Glenn Gabe

    Thank you for the mention Greg. I was surprised (and happy) to see Facebook passing the keyword data. They definitely weren’t doing this when Graph Search first launched. I was double-checking that issue recently when I saw the q={keyword} parameter! I hope they avoid the “not provided” problem and keep passing the data. :)

  • http://antezeta.com/news/ Sean Carlos

    An alternative, and perhaps prefered, solution would be to simply add Facebook to Google Analytics’ list of known search engines. The GA tracking code in pages needs to be modified, adding something along the lines of _gaq.push([‘_addOrganic’,’facebook.com’,’q’]).

  • Brenda Thompson

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  • http://alexwebmaster.com/ Alex Garrido

    Wow, I was looking for this. Thanks Sean.

  • http://www.hmtweb.com/marketing-blog/ Glenn Gabe

    You can definitely do that, but I’d be careful with that approach. It could throw off other GA reports (if you are classifying FB as a search engine). The advanced filter approach seems cleaner at this point.