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    But these seem to be last year’s results, the new ones are the “2012” rankings:


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    I am sorry but I am very cynical of these types of rankings. Case and point, I one interviewed with a company that had supposedly won the Boston Globe’s and Adage’s top place to work.

    Once I went to the interview, met with the VP. This person touted how it was a great place to work — since apparently Google had come in and showed them how they hire people.

    Without getting too specific, I immediately came home, emailed the recruiter to say I was NOT interested. Ironically, recently, there was an article in Forbes that talked about bad bosses and how to identify a bad boss http://www.forbes.com/sites/stephaniechristensen/2011/12/11/5-ways-to-spot-a-bad-boss-in-an-interview/

    There is a site where you can go and see if a boss has a bad “rap’. I went on this site, put the person’s name in and sure enough, someone had posted about this person being a bad boss.

    You can work at the best company in world but if you don’t have a good boss its not going to matter too much.