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    Hi, My name is Jorgen Sorensen, and I am an official representative of Omniture ClientCare.
    Evan invited me to leave a comment with contact information for any readers who may have questions or concerns regarding using redirects and capturing analytics data. We are happy to help you to ensure it is working properly.

    Contact me via Twitter: @OmnitureCare, or #omniture
    Via email: OmnitureCare at adobe.com

    I look forward to working with you!

    Thank you for your kind praise. Your article is well stated, with great advice for SEM / SEO professionals to get the most out of their analytics solution by design. I agree, it is very important to make analytics your second foremost consideration with any new content. (I say second because the content itself should naturally be first.)

    You said you feel two of our articles are conflicting and misleading. If you would please specify the Knowledgebase Article IDs you are referring to, I can see that any conflicting information is updated and clarified as needed. For the sake of readers, can you also specifically mention the Article ID which you felt is completely accurate.

    Thank you very much,
    Jorgen Sorensen
    Technical Support Consultant
    Omniture ClientCare.